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The Secret Sauce For Successful Weight Loss - 4 Formulas for Faster Results

“Fail fast.” “Learn from past experiences.” “Never stop searching.” “Surround yourself with the best.” “Work smarter not harder.”

We have all heard these sayings, right?

Things that are often repeated generation after generation tend to carry merit.

The impetus for our Tip of the Week series is to share some of the lesser-known industry secrets related to health and wellness. But, in just the same way we all needed to hear the phrases above multiple times before using them to our benefit, often the best ideas need some repeating.

So, each month we will pull the top tips and concepts from the prior month's weekly message and bullet point them in a blog post.

Here are some highlights worth revisiting from September.

Secret #1 The formula for weight loss success!

Calories = Energy

Fat = Stored Energy

Fat Loss = Energy Consumption < Energy Burned

1lb fat = Roughly 3500 calorie deficit

Example: Gwen weighs 175 lbs. She is 40 years old. 5’4 tall with 38% body fat. Her daily calorie consumption is 2400 and her active calorie burn is 2100.

She has 2 ways to lose fat:

Way 1. Change her consumption from 2400 to 1900. Doing this she will have a deficit of 200 calories a day from her burn number of 2100. After 12 weeks she will weigh roughly 170lbs. (90days X 200 =18000 cal/3500 = 5lbs)

Way 2. Change her consumption to 1900 and add 5 days of blood-pumping exercise! Doing this she will have a deficit of roughly 575 calories a day. After 12 weeks she will weigh roughly 160lbs.(90 days x 575 = 51,700 cal/3500 = 15lbs)

Secret #2 The formula for faster weight loss

Weekly Snapshot

60 mins of cardio + 2-4hrs of strength + 1-2 hours of stretching or yoga

Strength training and HIIT outpace cardio only modalities for 2 reasons

Reason 1: Afterburn – We continue to burn for 48-72 hours after strength and HIIT training as our bodies expel energy to repair themselves.

Reason 2: Muscle gained increases our metabolic rate at rest. Muscle burns 3x what fat does at rest. The higher the muscle to fat ratio, the higher the metabolic rate of burn.

Secret #3 Stress = Weight Gain

Stress causes cortisol and adrenaline levels to spike. This is normal. Our body interprets stress as a need for increased fuel. Think in terms of times of old and imagine being face to face with a bear. The body tells the brain we need all systems on deck. We better run and we better burn with everything we got!!!

The problem arises when we have too much stress with no real threat requiring the additional burn. So, when it comes to stress eating, we need to realize the phycological and physical components and address them separately.

How to overcome stress eating?

1. Psychological – Divert the BEAR!!! – Recognize when it’s stress causing you to eat and plan and prepare diversions. Are you stressed at night? Maybe it's stress when the kids get off the bus? The morning?

When do you eat to compensate for this? Find diversions for 10 days for these times and the body adapts.

2. Physical – Kill the BEAR!!!! – The legs and glutes house the biggest muscles in our bodies. Drop and do 15 deep squats every time you feel the stress eating coming on and this will trick the body into thinking you’ve now overcome the stress that would have required more consumption.

Secret #4 – Cross Train

Tis the season for running with the Queen Bee and Flying Pig just around the corner. Running is a great stress relief and builds our cardio endurance. In addition, having a fitness goal helps keep us motivated! Running however is one of the higher injury-related forms of exercise out there. It puts a lot of stress on the joints that only gets compounded when we run carrying weight our body wasn’t intended to carry. One of the best ways to stay injury-free and continue on a fitness journey while training for a marathon is cross training.

Here is a snapshot of what a cross-training week might look like for runners out there!

Monday- long run, Tuesday- upper body strength followed by yoga, Wednesday-recovery, Thursday-speed work, sprints, and lower body strength, Friday- yoga and core, Saturday: hill run day, Sunday-recovery.

Ok, that's a wrap on September's recap! If you like our tips and want more free content, follow our Facebook page and subscribe to our mailing list!

And remember, "It's My Body, My Mind, My Life" so go own it!!!

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