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Alec- Certified Personal Trainer

"Be stronger, Be Faster, & Master the Foundations" 

Alec focuses on functional fitness programs phased to challenge both the elite athlete and novice gym goer. Join him in the strength room for a class soon! 


Alli- Certified Barre Intensity Instructor

Alli is a wife, a mama, an admission director, and a photographer.  Her ME time though comes when she is at the barre.  A few years back at the suggestion of a friend, Alli took a barre class and fell in love.  She now aims to give others that experience thru her instruction.  Her classes are both fun and  challenging and she will push you out of your comfort zone.  


Aunnie- Certified Personal Trainer

Aunnie is a mom of three, wife, online fitness coach, and a certified personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in the business.  She loves to mix cardio with strength training and promises no two classes will be the same.  Get ready to sweat, have fun, and get stronger together! 

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Jacqi - Certified Personal Trainer

Jacqi is our newest trainer addition!  Starting out look for her class, JACKED w/ Jacqi on Saturday mornings and fill-ins throughout the week! 

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Jules- Certified Personal Trainer 

Jules is newer to the Cincy Area and loving the move from Atlanta.  As a certified group fitness instructor, cycle and row instructor, and trx instructor, Jules is well-equipped for the MFS family. Look for her Solid Strength Bootcamp on the schedule soon! 


Duane -Certified Personal Trainer

Duane is a certified trainer, nutritionist, and stretch/flexibility coach. Cincy born and raised, he loves training groups on high intensity, heavy lifting, and improving strength. "Fitness is more about how you feel than how you look. You focus on one the other will follow. " 

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Katie -Certified Personal Trainer & Physical Therapist

Katie is an all-around badass in the weight room!  Look for her on the schedule on Fridays at noon for group strength training.  Oh, and she is also a physical therapist by trade which comes in handy for recovery, prevention, and maintenance! 

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Lori- Certified Yoga Instructor

Lori has 20+ years of experience teaching and practicing yoga.  She is trained in Ashtanga which is a faster-paced flow. However, she will meet people wherever they are and welcomes beginners to advanced patrons!


 Melanie - Certified Yoga Instructor

Melanie is a Northern Kentucky native that also teaches at Sage Yoga.  She enjoys a vinyasa flow style of yoga but also likes to pepper in some harder power yoga and strength sets.  Look for her on Monday and Tuesday evenings on the schedule! 

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Michelle- Certified Personal Trainer 

Michelle is  ACE certified Personal Trainer and teaches bootcamp, hot barre intensity, and strength training.  


 Shelly - Certified Yoga Instructor 

Meet our newest yoga instructor Shelly!  Shelly is a vet in the yoga industry and enjoys a variety of yoga styles.  Try her newest offering to MFS 🔥 HOT VINYASA FLOW.  This will be a faster-paced one hour heated flow sure to leave you feeling great! 

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Rob  -Certified Personal Trainer

Rob is a veteran of the fitness industry teaching an estimated 7000 classes in his career! Everything from kickboxing to strength and even filled in for a barre class or two.  Look for him on the schedule Tuesday Mornings at 5 and 6:15! 


Tyler -Certified Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer

"Start Small, Dream Big"

Yoga is a way of life.  Little changes can make big improvements on and off the mat. Come Join Us!

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