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Try Testosterone (Yes, Women Too)

Want to increase your strength, promote muscle growth, boost your energy, and increase your libido? Try testosterone-- yes, women too!

Testosterone is an important hormone for both men and women, and it often decreases as we age. The good news is most can boost this number significantly in an all-natural way.

As many of you know, we aren’t big proponents of medications, supplements, or the overuse of vitamins. The reason is for this is twofold.

First, often, this stuff doesn’t even work. Many of the vitamins and minerals we consume in supplements don’t properly absorb when they aren’t packed in the food. In many cases, we just consume them and pee them back out.

The second reason we rarely encourage

“quick fixes” has to do with the laws of nature. When we disrupt the homeostasis and finely tuned balance within the body in a quick and orderly fashion, we often get a rebound now or later of unintended consequences.

There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. Certain supplements, vitamins, and even occasionally medications can be beneficial if used correctly.

One of these exceptions is testosterone regulation.

Here are 4 ways to naturally boost your testosterone by up to 25 percent.

1. Strength train: Lifting weights is a proven method of increasing testosterone. Many of our members already do this. If you want to further increase testosterone from strength training, then make sure you do compound exercises that work the biggest muscles in the body. Maybe you don’t like doing chest work or legs? Encourage yourself to work muscles in your body you often neglect for simple testosterone-building effects.

2. Eat more whole foods: Whole foods break down more slowly and are more nutrient dense. Chew your food thoroughly and increase the consumption of non-packaged goods. Your body will reward you with more te


3. Vitamin D and Vitamin K: Did you know Vitamin D and Vitamin K, when used together, can increase your testosterone? In fact, if we take too much Vitamin D without Vitamin K, it can lead to kidney stones and often doesn’t absorb as well. The good news is you can find these quality vitamins packaged together when you search online!

4. DHEA: Dehydroepiandrosterone is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands that naturally decreases after the age of 30. It’s an important building block to promoting hormone production and regulation. When we supplement DHEA in conjunction with vitamin D and K, studies have shown we can increase our testosterone by as much as 25%!

As is always, do your own research and talk to your doctor. If you’d like to boost your testosterone naturally, consider adding in the strength training of often-neglected muscles, which is more effective when you work with one of our fantastic personal trainers!

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