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Stress and Cortisol: Part 2

On Tuesday, we discussed the why behind how stress and cortisol affect our weight.

Today, we'll talk about what to do about it!

We need to address both the physical and psychological components separately.

What to address physically:

We need to recognize when we are wanting to eat crap because of a response to stress. Instead of eating as a diversion, ask yourself: Why am I reaching for the ice cream?

Is it stress?

If so, throw a lock on that freezer and go do 15 deep squats. The legs have all the biggest muscles in the body and will trick the mind into thinking we’ve now overcome the said emergency.

What to address psychologically:

Back to that mindfulness I damned on Tuesday! Except , it's simpler to comprehend now.

We have to recognize the stressors in the moment and more quickly overcome them.

Ask yourself: Is my response serving me in any positive way?

Will my response change any outcome?

The answers are almost always NO!

Then take a deep breath ask yourself the questions again.

Stress affects all aspects of our life, even our weight. To address, it we need to tune in at the moment of onset, divert the physical and address the psychological.

Meanwhile: The Ladder is coming! This is a benchmark, a strength challenge, and our competitive spirits all wrapped up in a 1-hour class. You start with 1 rep each of 5 exercises-- then 2 reps, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and so on. But you have to get back down before time runs out!

The top 16 performers from the ladders on the schedule from March 15th-March 18th will be selected on "Selection Sunday" to participate in a ladder finale on April 1st with a new and exciting ladder workout for the finals. Sign up like a regular class!

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