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Burn the Boats

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

In 1519, Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes landed on the shores of what is known today as Mexico and immediately ordered his crew to burn the ships.

Imagine the feeling they must have had at that moment!

Without the boats, they would have no chance of returning back to the comforts of home. There was no choice but to charge forward in relentless pursuit of something better.

There is something powerful to be applied to this story as it relates to our health today.

What possesses people to pursue an uncomfortable change?

It's a good question-- and one with many different answers. One thing is for certain, though: Change typically doesn't happen without an internal motivation for something new.

When it comes to our health, like the explorers of old, we all know deep down there is something better out there waiting for us just out of mind's eye.

Making a goal that is public to those you respect helps in developing a focused strategy for achieving it. Then, all that is left to do is stick to it! The path is never easy and there will be setbacks, but just keep moving forward with the destination in your sights.

What About When You Fail?

If you fail or fall back, make up for it the next day. Never let one bad day turn into two. Just commit to making up for lost ground. Often, when we approach a personal goal in this way, we achieve it, and find ourselves in a new place that leaves us wanting to keep charging forward.

The next time you get the urge for something truly new for your health, try the BURN THE BOATS goal and mindset. Pick your destination, plan your route, get wind in your sails, and never stop moving forward. If we do this, we just might find ourselves on a path to a new world beyond our wildest imagination.

Start your adventure by trying something new and different from our ever-changing menu of classes!

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