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Yoga Part 4: Reduced Cortisol

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Cortisol is our stress hormone. When levels of cortisol are high, we are stressed.

Consequently, then, when we effectively regulate or reduce cortisol levels, our stress response goes down.

Yoga has been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol levels and stress.

A recent study published in the NCBI found that patients suffering from depressive disorders practicing yoga had a greater reduction in cortisol levels than patients of the same cohort who tried drug therapy alone.

The study found, with statistical significance, that yoga acts on the level of the hypothalamus to reduce cortisol and bring about relief to depression.

By reducing your cortisol levels and re-wiring your brain synapses, we can effectively reduce the effects of depression and anxiety.

Change rarely comes about without consciously taking action to improve a situation. Rarely do we put the same amount of energy into analyzing the inner alignment of our mind, body, and spirit as we do the external changes occurring around us.

Furthermore, often we can’t change the external factors that lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. By starting from within, we empower ourselves to bring about the change that is in our control.

Start your yoga journey with us! Find a class and join us today.

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