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The Power of Belief

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

The Wright brothers grew up in Dayton, Ohio, where their family owned a shop repairing and working on printing presses, bicycles, and machinery. Joe Burrow grew up in Athens, OH, loving football.

What do they have in common?

Joe Burrow got his first crack leading a team his sophomore year of high school.

As a young starter that had not yet physically matured, Burrow’s then offensive coordinator, Nathan White, was "nervous about throwing Joe to the wolves." So, instead of installing any fancy offense plan, they schemed a simple no-huddle, up-tempo offense that wouldn’t require a lot of plays.

In Game One of the season, his first ever game leading a team, Joe threw three touchdowns while running the offense he dreamt of his whole life.

Wilber and Orville Wright were also dreamers. As kids, they loved taking apart toys to make various contraptions and particularly enjoyed tinkering with flying toys.

Later in life, they continued their dreaming and love of engineering while fixing bicycles in their Dayton. Ohio shop. It was there they dreamt up a plan to make men fly!

So what do the Wright Brothers and Joe Burrow have in common and what can we take from it?


The Bengals were arguably the worst, most tainted franchise in NFL history. Despite high draft picks, coaching changes, and plenty of talented teams, Cincinnati has NEVER produced a Super Bowl champion. In much the same way, the Wright Brothers set out to achieve something that no one else had ever done before them and with little to no financial backing.

What made the difference is belief.

We can’t achieve something we have never achieved before without believing we can do it. The reason for this is that there is always a lot of failure on the road to success. Most quit or move on before ever benefiting from what they set out for.

The dreamers and believers, the Burrows and the Wrights, keep going because they believe in themselves.

No matter what the outcome of this year's playoffs, you better believe Joe Burrow thinks the Bengals will win. That’s all it takes to achieve a new weight, a new PR lift, or a new healthy Breakthru. We must believe in ourselves, brush off the setbacks and sacks, and keep pushing forward.

Believe and you will achieve!

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