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Gut Health

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Chances are if you suffer from gut health problems, the root cause is low levels of chronic inflammation.

The good news is whether this inflammation is a result of a viral infection (IE. Covid), stress, or just destructive eating habits, all paths to healing start and resolve with your gut!

Unfortunately for us, many of the processed foods and synthetic ingredients that make up our diet wreak havoc on the lining of our stomachs. It’s no coincidence that chronic diseases exploded onto the scene and continue to accelerate on pace with the increased use of manufactured ingredients.

There is no better time than now to heal your gut and reduce inflammation. With so much illness going around, now more than ever it's important to start healing our guts!

On the simplest level (but more difficult to maintain), we can make big strides just by eating whole foods and avoiding packaged or synthetic goods altogether. Two of the biggest culprits are gluten and high fructose corn syrup, both of which are particularly destructive to the gut and a good place to begin cutting.

Having said that, I’m a realist, and in the grab-and-go pace of society, it’s difficult to imagine most of us sticking with any dramatic diet change long term.

There is something called the GAPS diet that is designed to heal the lining of the gut. The beauty of this is, having tried it a couple of times myself, is that it works fast and seemingly corrects years of damage in a few weeks’ time.

GAPS is relatively easy to manage for short periods. Essentially you will be eating clean, home-cooked meals made up of lots of fresh veggies, fruits, lean meat, fish, bone broth, and meat stock. Try it for a minimum of three weeks and you should see a noticeable difference!

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