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Defeat the Eat This Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

To defeat what we eat this year, let’s take a quick look back to last year.

The day is January 1st, 2022, and you are waking up bright and bushy-eyed to a brand new year. How does that belly of ours feel?

What’s our energy like to greet the new year?

Lastly, what kind of conversations are we having with ourselves in our heads? More often than not the January 1st feeling is not a good one. We lack energy, focus, and usually beat ourselves up, leading to about a week of turmoil that leads us back to business. What if we did it differently this year and actually DEFEATED what we EATED. (bad English I know, but it flows right?)

What if we started 2023 having not lost a beat or gained a pound? How to Defeat We Eat Defeating an old habit always boils down to one thing, and that is a well-defined and focused “why”. Why are we inclined to overindulge these next few weeks? Why are we always seemingly falling back into old patterns? Most importantly, “why” did we decide to pursue our diet and wellness plan in the first place? Remembering the answers to these questions and keeping them front and center in our minds is step one of two. (with 4 bonus tips at the end) Step 1. – Answer the “why” questions and REMEMBER THEM! Step 2. – Have a PLAN! Our plan here need not be complex. Here are a couple of tools I’ve used this past year to stay on the clean ketogenic diet my doctor put me on while recovering. ·

  • Eat the crap out of some fresh-cut veggies PRIOR to the party. Do I enjoy it? No. Does it work? Oddly, yes. By the time I’m at the party the fiber filled veggies have filled my stomach.

  • Bring nuts to the party- We all love crunchy and salty and pistachios are both tasty and damn tricky to open which slows the consumption.

  • Leave the table after dinner and go do something else. Just as our dog knows a treat is coming when I call her to bed, I know dessert is coming when dinner ends and I get the hell out of there.

  • Lastly, don’t stew if you screw up.

Truth be told ,we don't need to be perfect on the holidays, but we do need to pay attention. Starting with the January 1st feeling and the why helps bring our focus back to center. After that we have half a dozen or so battles to overcome. If we can go 5 for 6 or 4 for 6 and only lose a couple we defeat the eat!

Join us for Transformation 3.0! Believe, execute, achieve.

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