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Breaking Out of a Rut

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

What happened?

Just a few short weeks ago you felt at the top of your game. You were eating right, exercising regularly, and crushing both your work and home life responsibilities.

Recently, though, you’ve found yourself in a rut. Everything feels like a chore, and you’re finding even the simplest of challenges to be daunting. What’s worse, is that you know all the things you should be doing on a regular basis to feel your best, but you simply can’t find the same driving motivation to do them.

Sound like anything you have ever experienced or might be experiencing now?

We all go through periods of feeling down, stuck, or lacking in our normal motivation. As someone who is no stranger to this, I’ve researched the hell out of the topic of ruts.

There is no shortage of published works on the topic of mental health, depression, and “rut correction.” The good news is, the basics for remedy are very consistent across thought leaders.

A couple of years ago I journaled the 3 keys for breaking out of a rut as I understood them at the time.

Today, I still use the same three p’s when faced with a rut!

The 3 P’s of Rut Breaking: pinpoint, pump up, and put into action.

We'll explore this more next time. For now, be sure to sign up for Transformation 3.0!

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