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Biohacks Part 6: Hacking It All Together

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Remember, we all have the benefit of being at the very top of the animal hierarchy.

Our ancestors, and the other species that inhabited this earth, did not need 90% of the stuff we willingly bring into our life.

Spend a little time tuning in and tuning up your body and see how much you can actually fix yourself.

Choose one of the 5 bio-hacks discussed in this series to research and start there. To help make it fun, turn it into a challenge or grant yourself a spending allowance that you steal from the nonessential spending bucket.

Work your way through these five tips and you'll find your inner happiness, health, and strength.


  • the GAPS diet

  • Cold shower,

  • Wim Hof method

...and try it for 21 days.

Send a message to one friend to do it with you. If you can't find a willing participant challenge me to something for 21 days.

Try a new class while you're working on this challenge. Join us for a healthy adventure you haven't tried before.

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