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Avoiding Plateau in Your Fitness Journey, Part 2

Breaking out of a plateau usually requires two things: a rest/reset period, and more regular changes in F.I.T.T. (frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercise.

Part 1: Every 3 months or so, let the body rest and reset for a week. This doesn’t mean you need to quit working out, but we do need to drastically reduce our workload for a good 7-10 day period. During this rest/recovery phase, maybe try doing yoga and walks only.

Stick to your routine so as to not feel guilty or lose momentum, but just do light self-care type movement. These are also good stretches to practice eating a new healthy diet or focus on planning for what changes you will make upon a return to regular workouts.

Part 2: Regular changes to F.I.T.T: We have good news for you if you are an MFS member! In case you haven’t noticed, our trainers and classes constantly keep your body guessing concerning the frequency, intensity, time, and type of workout.

If you mix up your classes, allow for a resting period quarterly, and force yourself to play around with healthy changes to your diet, then you should be able to consistently see progress!

Having said that, we are creatures of habit and resistant to change. Often times we will convince ourselves we are making changes to our workout or diet when in reality we only “test” something new for a few days or weeks and abandon it for the sake of comfort.

Therefore, if and when you find yourself truly stuck, commit to a 7-10 day rest/reset period followed by a truly different eating pattern and workout. Test dramatically adjusting your macro mix or trying a period of vegan, whole 30, or 90 days with no added sugar. Pick workouts or classes that change and stretch your comfort zone.

As long as we make the changes, we will see the changes! Just don’t forget the occasional rest!

Are you scheduled to make a plateau pause at the end of the month? join us for Frigid Fit on Saturday, February 25 at Veteran's Park! Tickets are available here.

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