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Advice From a Transformation Maven

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Julie stepped on the scale like the rest of us for last year's pre-challenge weigh-in and measurement.

As a My Fitness Suites founding member and one of the “OGs”, Julie was no stranger to the rigorous workouts and numerous challenges.

Here’s the kicker: Despite having over a year of workouts under her belt, up and until this very moment she hadn’t really lost any weight.

This didn’t stop her, though. She was aware of the problem, and was now ready to commit! So much so that she texted her coach (Michelle) and told her with confidence that she was going to transform over these 60 days beyond the aggressive goals that were set.

So what was the difference-maker?

I asked Julie this question and she said, “Mindset, consistency, and routine. I knew what needed to change and was now ready to commit to it.”

Fast forward to the final weigh-ins, and Julie stepped on the scale 24 pounds lighter. She had lost nearly 14% of her body weight while increasing her skeletal muscle and water, all over the course of just 60 days!

So what advice might Julie have for the rest of us?

Julie said: “Challenge yourself to an active role in planning the diet, routine, and structure that will set yourself up for big results in the first month of action. Then force yourself to stick to it every week for one month without skipping. If you don’t plan for change you won’t change. That first month it really just comes down to a mentality of ‘I’m gonna quit F-ing around and get to work.’ Then, after that first month, the changes WILL happen and you will find it much easier to keep going."

When it comes down to it, we all know Julie is right.

Too often we set high expectations without committing to measurable and consistent changes to our diet and or workout. We ‘try’ and deny for short stints only to find ourselves falling back into old habits without remedy.

The truth is we can’t change without commitment. The good news is that our past learnings are never failures, but instead just steppingstones on a path to progress.

Understand that, that on average, only 27% of people achieve their New Year’s fitness goal.

Heed Julie’s words and when you are ready to commit:

Stop F-ing around and get to work!”

Join us for Transformation 3.0! Believe, execute, achieve.

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