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Tyler Menke
Nice Work Ya Badass!TRANSFORMATION 2.0

New documentary out, hack your gut. These are getting difficult to stay on top of. Haha. This one is pretty good if learning the basics of the gut still. It’s kinda elementary in nature, and goes a little sideways when they talk about the app that will tell u what u should eat. Don’t ever be tempted to buy into this stuff. All we need to do is eat Whole Foods. That’s it period. Then for those struggling to lose weight or with digestive issues. We fast so that clears things up. We infuse natural good bacteria with fermented foods such as apple cider vinegar, and raw veggies. We eat a variety of good producing gut microbes in the stew. We bolster the nutritional density with raw bone broth instead of beef or chicken stocks filled with sodium. . And most importantly once the gut is healing up we attack the insulin issue at the root of weight loss and gain which is just kinda glossed over in this. I liked how they used the apple analogy but wish they would have explained the fiber and insulin part better. Overall if wanting to learn more about why our gut is so important I’d say it definitely worth watching. But not great for learning the how or what with food. Also be careful of comments like the picky eater “that vows to eats chips again.” Chips are fine in moderation later when we have targeted Whole Foods, but they have zero nutritional value and destroy our guts if overused so why they allowed that part into the documentary is beyond me. Likely as a “attention grab” cause we all love chips haha. Simply put, manufactured food and ingredients does distraction and we don’t eat enough Whole Foods as Americans and it’s ruining our micro biome. We are a group of people aiming to change that!!!!

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