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Tyler Menke
Nice Work Ya Badass!TRANSFORMATION 2.0

The Pendulum Tool-

There seems to be a balance to everything. We have night and day, land and sky, and male and female. Everything we FORCE creates an inverse force. Simply put our body, mind, and life works just like everything else in that it’s the middle where we find balance. The problem is when we lose sight of what the middle is and fight the return back to it. Now that we fully understand how far we strayed from how we were intended to eat we can use the Pendulum as a Tool to stay in balance. Think of our day like this. We eat a donut for breakfast, now we spike our sugars and our cravings. The longer we let the donut swing us the further and longer it will take to get back to the middle. What if we had a play to let the pendulum swing back instead of forcing it? For example, eat a donut and instead of mashing the red eject button, instead we drink water and just patiently wait for the body to swing the opposite direction and quickly back to the middle. How is this different? Well we eat a donut, crash, take a highly toxic energy drink, crash harder, and sometimes go days and weeks setting ourselves up for days and weeks back. It’s a two part mindshift. 1. Don’t let the guilt drive u to mash the eject button. 2. Remember the longer and further you stray the harder it is and longer it will take to get back. Pay attention to your body and don’t force or fight it. Let the pendulum do it’s thing and swing!

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