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Post-Holiday Food Check In

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

After the holidays is a good time to reflect on how you feel.


Well, because we tend to eat and drink differently than other days of the year. The truth is spending some time in reflection on how the food we eat changes our energy,

Eating the wrong foods is equivalent to putting the wrong fuel in your car or failing to change the oil. Everything slows down, is less responsive, and our joints grind like gears lacking in oil.

How many people do you encounter at the office and in your daily life who complain of newly found gluten allergies, IBS, acid reflux, ulcerative colitis, and so on?

Or maybe you’ve encountered the person that cut sugar, cut processed foods, or reduced their refined carb intake and lost huge amounts of weight?

Most of us want to believe our food isn’t the cause of our issues. We feel blessed when we get a diagnosis and a pill to treat our aliment. We feel frustrated when others quickly drop pounds by changing their diet because we tried it ourselves.

The truth is what we eat matters. The pills are only meant to treat the symptoms, not the cause. The diet changes take more than a few days to make an impact.

Pair your dietary changes with one of our fun classes!

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