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Be Generous With Your Scars

Years ago I had the blessed opportunity of hearing retired Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann give a talk entitled "Being Generous With Your Scars."

After spending over 20 years in leadership serving our country, Scott returned from war feeling deeply depressed. He had lost a sense of human connection that had previously provided purpose in his life.

It was until a pivotal moment when he realized there is only one thing that connects us all. What is that one thing and how can we learn and build on our own community through Scott’s message?

Scott’s message is simple, yet profound. He asks people to be generous with their scars.

What does this mean?

It means that pain is something we all have experienced and can all relate to. It binds us, connects us, and ultimately heals us to share this pain.

When we find ourselves going through a terrible situation, there is always someone else out there that has gone through something similar. Being generous with your scars, therefore, means sharing your story, because in doing so we form human connections that lead to healing.

How is this relevant now?

If human connection is what we all seek and pain is the common thread that connects us, then these past three years should serve as a foundational period of scar sharing.

So many of us are silently suffering through something and just waiting on a future date when things will get better.

Here is the thing though-- there is nothing of true value in the future that can’t be achieved now.

A good place to start now is in dealing, and healing, with the help of a friend, loved one, or even a fellow gym member.

As some of you may know, I’ve had a difficult year dealing with health issues and a chronic illness that has seemingly stolen many of the joys of life from me.

Were it not for the help of a few people that so generously shared their scars with me I don’t know how I would have persevered. These are people that prior to this I didn’t know that well and are now my friends, healing vectors, and guardian angels.

It’s an invaluable lesson that I will forever be grateful for and one that I can only hope our community will breed more of.

So let us remember that whatever we are going through, we need not go through it alone. It all starts with being generous with your scars!

Strengthen new friendships by spending time with your fellow gym members in a new workout. Choose a new adventure today.

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