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Biohacks Part 4: Breathwork

"Our breathing has the ability to enlighten and activate any physiological mechanism in conscious control" - Wim Hof

Every relaxation, calming, and meditation method incorporates focused breathing. We also know that breath is essential to living.

So why don't we focus on it more often?

The ancient Hindus and Yogis called it "prana" or "the life force". They deeply focused on their breath and were students of its benefits.

Today we often coach kids on breathing to calm them down. Yet, as adults, we for some reason see these same exercises as futile. We take it for granted.

Yet, we've become shallow breathing animals and almost never breathe deeply enough to properly oxygenate our brain, body, and muscles.

While there is no shortage of benefits for breathwork, possibly the most profound benefit is immune health. The more we breathe that life into our bodies, the better our bodies function.

Stress is the number one cause of disease and illness. So in addition to the physical benefit of breathing, you also reduce your risk of illness via the ultimate stress reducer: breath.

Resources for Learning Some Breathing Techniques:

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