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The Cut Fat Quick Formula

In the MyFitness Suites fitness community, we advocate for healthy, sustainable transformation. It’s a culture of consistency, repetition, practice, and transparency.

Rarely, if ever, do we offer people the quick fix or talk dramatic short-term results. Real weight loss, the kind that comes off and stays off, typically happens by increasing your metabolic rate through improved muscle mass percentage, increased water, and decreased body fat.

For the average person, losing fat at a rate of roughly 1-2 pounds a week while increasing muscle and strength is a good goal.

Occasionally, we meet people who want quick short-term results for an upcoming wedding, or vacation-- or they want a “summer cut” fast. Is there a healthy way to do this without disrupting your metabolism and creating the dreaded rebound effect?

The answer is yes.

We will lay out the formula here, but know it’s not easy. This technique is meant for the short term. Often those who cycle their workouts and diet will use this for a summer cut, then spend the fall and winter building strength and habit. This is done without hyper-focus on counting.

Here's the formula:

Low Carb Whole Food Diet + Increased Water + Increased Activity = Accelerated Fat Loss

Low Carb Whole Food Diet

Keto works because it restricts carbohydrates, which are the bodies main source of energy. By doing so, the body starts to break down stored fats and creates ketones to be used for energy production. In a sense, you are restricting fat producing fuel and using your body's own fat reserves for energy instead.

Whole foods are fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, fish, lean meats, and oils found naturally in our environment. Restrict your carb intake to under 20% of your total diet (less than 10% for most keto followers) and eat only whole foods. Do this and you will find the body in a fat-burning state.

Added Tip: Sometimes, headaches and dizziness can result without eating a cup of berries or an apple first thing in the morning. While Keto restricts sugars and carbs, the sugar packaged with the fiber in fruit doesn’t seem to break the cycle for most.

Increased Water

The studies are all over the place concerning the relationshipe between water intake and fat loss. Results are dependent on the individual, but for most, 3 liters of spring water a day will assist dramatically in weight loss by curbing your appetite, improving your metabolic rate, and helping speed up the rate with which fat leaves the body.

Added Tip: Add six to eight twists of pink Himalayan sea salt to your first H20 of the day to help increase your water storage.

Increased Activity

The summer months lend themselves to increased activity, but for a quick cut, focus on short burst of high intensity. Anything that is steady (walking, jogging, etc) will pale in comparison to intense weight training, sprints, or any level of high-intensity training in intervals.

Sometimes, making any change, no matter how small, seems like an Everest-like endeavor. Buth when it comes to our health, we have to make time and have some foresight on the future benefits. It’s at the times we feel overwhelmed that a renewed focus on health is needed most.

But where do we start and what do we do?

We can develop good habits. It’s often at the times we make healthy additions to our lives that every aspect of it gets easier. Energy, money, and time become more available when we avoid thinking and just do.

If you'd like to achieve your fitness goals in the fastest, most efficient way, check out personal training and our wide variety of group courses, including HIIT!

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