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Important Plan and Policy Change


First and foremost, we would like to thank our members for their continued support!


As we grow, we want to reward and stay committed to our base that has stuck with us through thick and thin while also maintaining a sustainable business model.  Understand that we thoroughly vet the numbers and only make changes when necessary.  Up and to this point these have been minor, but we are starting to see a couple things become disruptive to the long-term feasibility of the model.  As operating costs continue to rise, we need to make a few adjustments.  The goal here is to get back in budget without a rate increase.  As such, effective Nov 1st, we will be implementing the following changes.  For more information regarding the need for these changes and answers to commonly asked questions, see the Q & A (attached).  Feel free to reach out with additional questions or concerns.


Change # 1 – Suspension of Plans – Effective Today


We will no longer allow for suspension of plans without a doctor’s note or documented medical issue. For more info as to why see the Q & A section.


Change #2 – Plan Offerings- Starting November 1st


Starting November 1st, we will no longer have the silver plan and family plan available for purchase on the website.  Current SILVER and FAMILY PLAN members can keep and maintain this plan unless they cancel, at which time they would need to purchase whatever plan is available upon a return.


Change #3 – Child Watch- Starting November 15th


We have gone as long as we can without charging for child watch.  However, the new charge is minimal and only meant to help offset some of the loss.  Starting November 15th, members using child watch can purchase a 30 pack of child watch uses for $39.99($1.33 a session per family), a 10 pack for $24.99($2.49 a session per family) or individual sessions at $5. This is per family NOT per child.  These won’t expire and can be purchased as needed. 


Thanks for understanding and if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out.  These changes should allow us to maintain your current plan and pricing without further changes for the foreseeable future. 




Tyler and Michelle                                                     



Common Questions Answered Below



Why the change on suspension of plans?


The purpose of this was an industry push last fall due to covid. (I cringed typing that but it’s the case).  We didn’t want people coming in while quarantined, nor did we want to penalize members for being out with a positive test.  As such, we allowed folks to freeze while they were out. The crux of the matter is that none of us can do this with other monthly expenses such as cable, internet (you name it) when we can’t use it for a couple weeks.  The reality is if our other service providers did routinely offer this, they would eventually be forced to raise the prices on all to offset the expense.  Moving forward we will be more strict on the freezing of accounts.  We will handle these on a case-by-case basis and limit it to those with a doctor’s note or documented medical issue.


Why the change on Plan Offerings and if I’m a Current Family Plan or Silver Member can I keep it?


The Family Plan and Silver Plan are the least cost-effective plans.  As we continue to grow, we want to allow those that have these plans to keep them, but we will no longer be offering them for sale online. Industry wide boutique gyms have a roughly 30-50% turnover a year!  We have had less than 20% turnover, and with no contract, but its primarily in the two high risk plans mentioned.  We are the only place out there where you can get group strength training like CrossFit, cardio like Orange Theory, barre, and hot yoga without multiple memberships.  Our model however, requires more equipment and square footage.  In addition, we pay our people well to attract and keep the best. We can’t continue to offer prices less than the places mentioned above while giving more unless we stay lean in budget.  Therefore, moving forward those currently with the Silver and Family Plan can keep it unless they cancel.


If I’m a current Family Plan or Silver Plan member, can I keep it?


YES!  This will have ZERO impact on your current plan unless you cancel. Starting in November, future members will have a Gold or Unlimited plan offering, in addition to a new barre/yoga only plan.  Current Silver and Family Plan members will not be impacted.  It is our hope that by doing these two things that we can maintain steadier booking demand and keep cash flow more consistent, thus providing and allowing for a continuation of the exact same product we’ve all come to love!


Why the charge for child watch and when will this take effect?


This will apply to all members using child watch after November 15th.  As costs for utilities, insurance, and wages increase we are faced with recouping some funding here or raising membership dues.  These changes outlined prevent us from raising any membership costs while maintaining operation within budget. Childwatch session packs will be available for purchase via the app or website under plans and pricing.  We love offering childwatch and our staff truly enjoy your kiddos! Our hope is that members understand this just helps us to be able to keep this service. The cost here is far less than other facilities that have childcare offerings, the session packs don’t expire, and the rate is per family NOT per child. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any concerns, questions, or even ideas.

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