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Summer Cut 3.0

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Hi! I’m Maggie and I’m in the cut bc I’m a yo-yo dieter. I gain and loose gain and loose and then gain some more. My goal is to lower my visceral fat (again) and KEEP IT LOW. I actually started a week ago last Sunday bc I had mentally prepared that that was the starting day and I have a vacation on day 15 so I didn’t want to be in the first two weeks and trying to travel with the kids! However I plan to fast again tonight through…? I have been feeling awesome this week. No sugar or carb cravings at all and I’m sleeping great! Let’s do this!

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Tyler Menke
Jun 17

Yep this is simply learning and practicing how to get out body back to normal design and function. It will take lots of practice but eventually we don’t crave the sweets. Carbs I still crave but not sweets! The yo-yo is typically just glycogen stores lost and that’s the normal 15 or 20lbs people can lose through normal diet plans. The goal here is much different. You want to get your body back to normal insulin and blood sugar regulation so u don’t feel the cravings or need to eat all day but the big bonus is the loss of actual stored fat.



This is the group for Summer Cut 3.0 starting June 12th 2024...


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