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Spring Cut Crew!

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Tyler Menke
Nice Work Ya Badass!TRANSFORMATION 2.0

Issues you may run into the next 7 days and potential fixes.

#1- constipation or diarrhea- this is relatively common as the body adjusts the intestinal water table to the new diet. Don't try to "fix" this one until its uncomfortable. Adding new things like lacatives will just make the body adjust more to the additional changes. One exception would be adding magnesium citrate if the stew doesn't flush ya out after a day.

#2- bad sleep- try melatonin and glutathione supplements and worst case cbd oil

#3- poor workouts- This is due to switching fuel from the fast burning carb kind to the slower even burning fat kind. It will improve in a week or so and eventually be the same as normal

Fran Trascritti
Kristie Jostworth


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