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Summer Cut 3.0

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Happy with results so far, but I do have a couple questions for the people that done this before and for Tyler.

I have been following the recipes in the sense that it says eight servings eat twice a day plus eating some raw veggies. So I divided all out into eight servings put it in containers and eat two a day. Do you find its best to do that or should I be eating more fat/calories? (Somewhere else I saw it said to eat as much as you want.)

During the 16 hour fast I saw somewhere you posted that sometimes with the MTC oil and coffee that’s better with the fast. So do you think you get better results if you drink MTC oil during the fasting hours? Or is it truly just fast and nothing but water during the 16 hours?

Do you take any vitamins/supplements/collagen during the first two weeks?

Fran Schute
Tyler Menke
Tyler Menke
Jun 25

@Kelley Volpenhein the mct oil just makes the fasts easier. It’s like the highest grade fuel one could get so just a little will provide energy and satiate you. But not needed by any means. It’s more of a addon. And eat till your full! Just eat more slowly if your a fast eater because sometimes we overeat when going to fast



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