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Summer Cut 3.0

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Tyler Menke
Nice Work Ya Badass!TRANSFORMATION 2.0

Welcome everyone! As people will continue to find the group in the app and trickle in, keep the convo alive. Intro yourself, share your goals, questions, fears even. I’ll be at the gorge tillSunday with my kids so i may not have service, but I’ll catch up Sunday morning when back. Until then, know there are veterans to this process in the group that have likely had similar questions or concerns along the way and can help instill some confidence as well. Summer is the toughest season for this, so the more we talk and keep each other accountable the better!

Michelle M
Tiffany  Nickson
Maggie Lysaght


This is the group for Summer Cut 3.0 starting June 12th 2024...


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