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Summer Cut 3.0

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I have our stew ready to break our fast this week. I am making one batch and splitting it with Emma. Then trying a new version on day 2. So we aren’t eating the same stew for 3 days😄

Got the raw veggies cut and in containers too!

Good luck to everyone this week!!

Sarah Hauck
Meg Judge
Meg Judge
Meg Judge
6월 16일

Your stew looks great! And way to be prepared with the veggies! Meal prepping will help tremendously - if you have the right meals and snacks available when hunger strikes, you’re much more likely to stay on track. One thing that has helped me is to cook enough of every meal so I have leftovers. It takes some of the stress of meal planning and cooking every day out of my life!



This is the group for Summer Cut 3.0 starting June 12th 2024...


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