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Summer Cut 3.0

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How long did you all do the water fast?

I know it says 24 hours in our packet but, did some of you go longer? If so, did you just stop when you decided you were wanting food?

I saw in the steps that Tyler usually pushes past the 24 hour suggestion and because I'm competitive I decided to go longer than 24. I'm on hour 38 and I don't feel bad at all--maybe because there are lots of "energy" (read as fat) to get rid of. But I also have only walked so far this week instead of hitting up a class.

Tyler Menke

I went about 42 hours and actually felt like I could continue but simply didn’t want to. Went to a boot camp and just felt that it would do me well to eat something!



This is the group for Summer Cut 3.0 starting June 12th 2024...


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