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Summer Cut 3.0

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How’s everyone doing out there today?! This is my last stew day, and I’m excited to transition to chicken and veggies tomorrow! I’ll be at Jacqi’s class at 4 today if anyone wants to get in a workout with me!

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Tyler Menke
Tyler Menke
Jun 20

@Everyone nice y’all! Keep it up. The switch to fats for fuel from carbs is a 2 week’s adjustment. Workouts won’t be as good, energy won’t be as good, but that will all shift. David Goggins is one of the worlds best endurance athletes and is clean keto primarily. This just shows it’s a fuel that can work for the long haul but it takes time for the body to adjust.



This is the group for Summer Cut 3.0 starting June 12th 2024...


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