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Tyler Menke
Nice Work Ya Badass!TRANSFORMATION 2.0

This will serve as our Sunday fasting thread. Post questions, and encouragement in the comments. Let’s try to get reengaged for this last push. From now until Sunday evening a couple things to consider.

#1- Of you’ve fallen off and you are using the fast as a reset, don’t wait until Sunday to make a swift shift to low carb and high healthy fats or you may set yourself up for keto flu or at best a bad fast. Start tightening up today.

#2- If you had a rough fast last time, maybe between now and Sunday get some glutathione and melatonin from Walgreens or a local supplement store. These both help aid in setting up a more comfortable fast.

#3- make sure u have some MCT oil or coconut oil on hand. In my opinion using these in up to 15mls a day isn’t cheating because I have seen it break the fasted state and it only seems to speed up entry into ketosis which is when the fast gets easier.

Fran Schute
Fran Trascritti

I just hit 37 hours and feeling GREAT! I brought lunch to work, but if I am still feeling this good at lunch time I will probably push to dinner!



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