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Spring Cut Crew!

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Tyler Menke
Nice Work Ya Badass!TRANSFORMATION 2.0

3 Things Happening to our body's that will allow for transformation. They are the 3 H's: Habit, Healing, and Hormones.

Habit- Fasting is like looking in the mirror and seeing all the problems. It teaches us, in rapid fashion, the difference between listening to the mind and the body. The mind tells us to eat out of boredom, distraction, stress, and for a quick dopamine hit. The body tells us what real hunger feels like. Fasting is like a workout for the brain. With 100s of reps each day. Each time we tell the mind NO the willpower muscles grow

Healing- 30 percent of our energy goes to digestion. On a fast 100 percent goes to healing. It induces autophagy which is like the cellular cleanup crew. It balances hormones, cleans up dead cell matter, gives the gut a break, and removes toxins from the body.

Hormones- Insulin gets regulated. Cortisol temporarily raises and then lowers helping regain the balance. Grelin and Leptin are re-regulated when we abstain from binging after fasting.

A healthy gut, a healthy habit, and a balanced hormone response will lead to success now and beyond. Stay the course! @Everyone

Fran Schute
Fran Trascritti

I was able to fast for 38 hours. First time for me. I still think about eating but I’m really not that hungry. I’m about out of stew as my husband is eating it too. When should I fix the chicken?



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