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Tyler Menke
Nice Work Ya Badass!TRANSFORMATION 2.0

Principle number three: Eat in accordance with human design. One of the things that's always confused me regarding food is come some say we should eat plants and others meats. Some claim they feel best on meats and others on a plant based diet. Just about every food argument has two sides and both have what seems to be a logical explanation for what's right. It's only when we look at our design that the truth comes to light. Three things to consider. #1- Teeth. #2- Gut #3- skin tone. We have teeth both flat and sharp, which indicates we were meant to be able to eat both meat and plants. The micro biome of our stomach shows the same in that we are able to digest and process both. Lastly, our skin tone can be a big indicator on the climate of our ancestry which would have dictated food availability. Unless you have darker tones, with more melanin, you likely came from a climate north or south of the equator. This is important why? Because you didn't evolve with a year round growing season. Meaning the majority of us would have had a season of veggies and fruits and then when cold weather came a season where only animal fats were available. Watch the show Alone on the history channel and you'll see this first hand. We can run off fats or carbs for fuel but likely never ran off just one source. Thus it would seem to make sense to eat in two seasons. A season of primarily fats and proteins and a season of primary carbs and proteins. As Americans we almost never have the season of fats and proteins so that's where we need to practice first. Eventually we want a whole food season of fruits and veggies and a whole food season of fats and protein. And even those that do tolerate a plant based only diet well, that diet still needs to be Whole Foods!

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