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Tyler Menke
Nice Work Ya Badass!TRANSFORMATION 2.0

Tools we can use! In much the same way we grab for a hammer when we need to drive a nail, we can start to build a list of tools that we reach for when in need for our health. Here are a few.


-Affirmations- Simply put they work.  Leading neuroscientists like Andrew Huberman talk about the physical and chemical changes repeated mantras bring about. Developing four affirmations around our new healthy habits is part of the program this week in our steps! These are tough to built into habit, at least for me. So to help us start the habit they are a daily reminder in the programs steps for the next two weeks. This is a good morning drive tool.

- Bobby Approved App - You can scan items to see if they are "bobby approved" This app is pretty good at sniffing out the bad ingredients

- Less is Better - Choose items with fewer ingredients and things you can pronounce

- Don't shop in the center isles of the grocery - Remember 100 years ago we didn't have a refrigerator or pantry of processed foods.  

- Eat at a slower pace and stop before you pop - Stopping when your just shy of full at 80% will help avoid overconsumption of calories

- Brush Your Teeth immediately after meals - This somehow works to shut off the post meal snacking.  Use this tool if u crave sweets or snacking after meals. Particularly dinner.

Tyler Menke
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