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Nov 1, 2023 - Nov 30, 2023


  • 30Days
  • 45Steps


Want to feel better, have more energy, and learn a fresh perspective on alcohol? It's been almost four years since I quit. Had you told me then I'd quit alcohol I'd have likely had a panic attack on the inside. Had you told me I'd quit alcohol and actually enjoy life more I'd have told you your crazy! I come from a long line of drinking and was close to professional at it myself. It can be done, but willpower WILL NOT WORK for 99% of people. There has to be another way and we will delve into it here in this group. Follow the program, use the group for support, and learn methods for controlling/quitting alcohol. No long-term commitment is needed, just a will to try for a month and an open mind. The goal of this programming is NOT WILLPOWER. WILLPOWER has proven over and over again to NOT work for quitting or controlling alcohol. What You can expect? #1 - Group Accountability - It's much easier as we have seen with our other programs to do this as a group. #2 - A Group App similar to facebook to support each other and ask questions #3 - A Daily task repeated one week at a time and building upon one another- 5-15 minutes tops on your time. #4 - Lots of alternatives shared for the party, sports event, etc.

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